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Sponsored by Sveriges Sändareamatörer (SSA)

All hams in
are invited to participate in this contest


Dates 2017
Våromgången: May 21, 0700 - 1100 UTC
Höstomgången: August 20, 0700 - 1100 UTC

Dates 2018
Våromgången: May 20, 0700 - 1100 UTC
Höstomgången: August 19, 0700 - 1100 UTC


The Spring Part
The Sunday in the third full weekend in May
0700 - 1100 UTC

The Autumn Part
The Sunday in the third full weekend in August
0700 - 1100 UTC


 CW: 3525 - 3575 and 7010 - 7040 kHz.
SSB: 3600 - 3670 and 7060 - 7130 kHz.


CW and/or SSB.


Only portable stations are allowed to participate.

  • Single Operator - CW [SINGLE-OP-CW]
  • Single Operator - SSB [SINGLE-OP-SSB]
  • Single Operator - Mixed [SINGLE-OP-MIXED]
  • Multi Operator - CW [MULTI-ONE-CW]
  • Multi Operator - SSB [MULTI-ONE-SSB]
  • Multi Operator - Mixed [MULTI-ONE-MIXED]

To be recognized as Single Op. you must do the whole operation yourself without help. (You can of course be accompanied with persons making coffee and so on, but they are not allowed to help you put up the antennas and work the radio).

If you are using a club call you will always be recognized as Multi Op., even if you are alone.

Only one transmitter is allowed in all classes.

(The Cabrillo Categories are shown after each class).

 Contest call:


Outside own district for instance: SM3XYZ/2/P

 Contest message:


You have to know your longitude and latitude of your portable QTH and translate that into the LOCATOR.


Only QSO with portable stations in JW, JX, LA, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM and TF will count. Each station can be contacted once per band on each mode. Each QSO with such a portable station will give distance points in Swedish mil (10 km).

You don’t need to calculate the score yourself. The Contest Committee will do that for you with the help of a log checking program.

 Final score:

The QSO-points will be added and multiplied with the Power Multiplier as follows:

  • Mult. 01: More than 64 W
  • Mult. 02: 16 - 64 W
  • Mult. 03: 4 - 16 W
  • Mult. 04: 1 - 4 W
  • Mult. 05: Less than 1 W

All is output power. (Exactly 4 W. is mult. 03 and 3.99 W. is mult. 04).

Example: If you have used an output power of 2 W, your total QSO-points will be multiplied with 4 to get the final score.


A portable station is any amateur radio station outside the ordinary QTH, with a portable power source such as a car battery, solar power or a generator and which antennas are temporary.

A mobile station is recognized as a portable station in this contest.



Frequency, mode (CW or SSB), date, time in UTC, msg sent, station worked, msg received and ev. mil-points (not needed). Don’t forget to mark your class (Single Operator or Multi Operator and CW or SSB or Mixed). Write your call and whole address and the calls and names of all the other operators.

Electronic submission of logs is encouraged for all who use a computer to log or prepare the logs. The CABRILLO format is preferred. Please insure that you fill out all of the header information. If you submit a CABRILLO log, no additional summary sheet is required. (However, if you like to compare your claimed scores with others before the final results are published, you are encouraged to enclose your summary sheet as well).

CLICK HERE for more information on the CABRILLO format.

If you cannot submit a CABRILLO log, you may submit the ASCII output from most of the popular logging programs such as CT, NA, SuperDuper, TR and Writelog. If the log is not in CABRILLO format, a separate summary sheet is required. Please name your files with yourcall and the file type.

Example: 7S3A submits a CABRILLO file. It should be named 7S3A.LOG. If 7S3A chose to submit a non CABRILLO file such as TR’s .dat file, he should name the log file 7S3A.DAT and the summary file should be 7S3A.SUM.

All logs received via e-mail will be confirmed via e-mail.

A listing of logs received/Claimed Scores/Final Results can be found on
SM3CER Contest Service at:

The listing will be updated frequently.

It’s also nice to have a short story about your highlights, problems or whatever before, during and after the contest. Pictures are also welcome.

The logs should be postmarked not later than 14 days after the contest.
(Deadline Våromgången May 2017 is June 4, 2017).
(Deadline Höstomgången August 2017 is September 3, 2017).

Send the logs to:

Logs should be mailed to:
SSA Portabeltest
Jan-Eric Rehn, SM3CER
Finstavägen 26, 7 tr.

E-mail logs to:

E-mail entries to:


Awards to the first three in each country in all six classes.

The total winners in the three Single Operator classes will get a gold plaque as well.

 How to get your locator:

"The Maidenhead System"
A worldwide QTH-locator system designed for HAM-radio

The earth’s surface is divided into 18 * 18 = 324 "FIELDS",
20 degrees longitude and 10 degrees latitude.

Each field is divided into 10 * 10 = 100 "SQUARES",
2 degrees longitude and 1 degrees latitude.

Finally each square is divided into 24 * 24 = 576 "SUBSQUARES",
5 minutes longitude 2.5 minutes latitude.

The fields are given by 2 letters AA - RR.
The squares by 2 digits 00 - 99.
The subsquares by 2 letters AA - XX.

The first character gives the longitude and the second character gives the latitude on each level.

A complete locator is 6 character long.

Example: 59 degrees North, 18 degrees East, give locator JO99AA.


How to get your locator

When you have decided where your portable QTH will be you have to get the longitude and latitude of that place. Then you have a number of choices to get the locator:

Good Luck!

Date of info: March 11, 2017 Source: Jan-Eric Rehn, SM3CER - SSA Contest Manager
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Log sheet:

SM3ZBB has made a nice looking log sheet for SMP. It has place for 15 QSO:s on each sheet. The headings are written in Swedish, but I think you’ll understand how to fill it in anyhow. Download the PDF-file and print it out. Then download SMPin and type your log from the log sheets after the contest.

CLICK HERE to download the log sheet.

SMP log sheet

Manual input of a paper log:

SM2EZT has made a program for manual input of a paper log after the contest. The output file will be a CABRILLO-file for checking your log in a log checking program. It will be called yourcall.log
(example: SM3CER.log).

CLICK HERE to download the program.

It’s a zipped file called (233 kB).
(The latest update is SMPin V0.922 - 2016-08-15).

How to install: Save in a temporary directory, unzip the file using WinZip or similar, use File Manager to put SMPin.exe in a folder that you prefer
(example: C:/Program/SMPin).

For instructions "How to make your log"

Text-only page    SMP CABRILLO format    SMP Log Sheet

Please send corrections/changes/new rules/results to:
Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER

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